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Sheffield Cathedral: Sing! Project : 28/03/14 : 0 Comments

A couple of months before Christmas, I was asked to be a part of the Sing! Project at Sheffield Cathedral.

This project involved a choir of over 150 children from several different schools, who were brought together by Nick Cox, performing arrangements of traditional Christmas Carols by Richard Longman.

I was asked to record the choir, in the cathedral. For this, I used a pair of AKG C414’s in an XY configuration to capture the majority of the sound, and a spaced pair of AKG C214’s as outriggers.

Nick then edited and roughly mixed the recordings, which he sent back to me for a final mix and master.

The finished CD ‘Sweet Bells‘ is available online

There was also a film crew there, and they produced a music video for ‘I Saw Three Ships’.

Building a Reverse Talk Back System : 06/11/13 : 0 Comments

In order to complete my degree at SAE Institute, I had to write a dissertation. It could be on anything that I wanted (within reason) and my chosen subject would dictate as to whether I would get a BA or BSc classification.

I was keen to get a BSc, so I explored projects that would fall into that category. I was also keen to develop my electronics knowledge, as this would open me up to a wide range of job opportunities that I would not previously have possessed the appropriate skill set.

The idea of building a Reverse Talk Back System was one that would meet both of those criteria, and would also solve a problem that I had personally faced within a studio environment before. With these reasons, I opted to pursue this idea further, and began to formulate it into a project.

Below, there is a PDF copy of the report that I produced, to document this project.


Hello World! : 13/01/13 : 0 Comments

I just wanted to take a moment to say, thank you for visiting my website!

This is my first blog post, so I thought that I would use it to explain a bit more about me…

I am a 20 year old Audio Engineer, fresh out of university! I’ve just handed in my final dissertation, and am now headed out into the big wide world.

The music industry has always fascinated me, and when I was put in charge of the ‘Sound and Lights’ in 6th form at Bloxham School, I found my real passion for Music Technology.

Having quickly developed my skills, I began recording, and before long it was time to decide what I wanted to do with my life.

Studying Audio Engineering at University offered me the opportunity to focus on doing what I enjoyed and to develop a far greater understanding of the recording industry.

I am now available for freelance recording work (among other things) so, don’t hesitate to get in touch!